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Brazilian Curly Hair

Brazilian Curly Hair resembles the loose curl pattern of mixed race African & Native Brazilians. This group makes up a large part of the Brazilian population and their hair is often referred to as Molado or Mulatto (loosely translated to mean “Curly”). Brazilian curly hair is one of the most ...

Malaysian Wavy Hair

Malaysian wavy hair can be considered heavy or thick when compared with Brazilian hair. It is extremely silky and has a beautiful natural shine. Malaysian hair has a beautiful wave pattern that blends with medium and course textures. The wave pattern tends to hold up well in any condition. ...

Brazilian Straight Hair

Brazilian Straight Hair has a very coarse and thick texture. The hair takes well to heat and styling and is durable in humidity when properly cared for. The feel of this hair is very silky and straight with beautiful softness and full body. This type of hair is great for making lace wigs and sew ...

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Top 3 Aliexpress Hair Vendors 2017

Top 3 Aliexpress Hair Vendors 2017 DO not want to break the bank for buying high quality virgin hair & bundles? AliExpress should be you No.1 choice! I started wearing weave (for my readers unfamiliar with this – it is essentially hair extensions sewn into your own cornrowed hair) when I was ...

Brazilian Wavy Hair

Brazilian Wavy Hair is extremely popular and is most often seen in the hair market today. This grade of Brazilian hair has great body and fullness and is wavy and light. This type of hair can come in a variety of natural colors and is highly resistant to the suns rays which is known to cause damage ...

Malaysian Curly Hair

If you want your Malaysian hair curly, then it is best to purchase bundles that are steam curled. Malaysian Curly hair is thick, coarse and comes with a tight but luxurious curl pattern. Malaysian hair should not be too tightly curled as this is a sign that it may have been unnaturally treated with ...

Malaysian Straight Hair

Malaysian Straight hair comes in many tones. It can range from light brown to dark brown to nearly black. The texture of virgin Malaysian hair is typically straight but it may also have slight waves at the time it is collected from the original donor. Malaysian hair blends well with relaxed hair. ...

Best Black People Wedding Hairstyles 2017

Are you looking for some of the fashionable and stunning looking black people wedding hairstyles 2017? Well we all know that as compare to rest of the people normally the black people known as African American find greater sum of trouble in choosing with the wedding hairstyles for them. Black ...

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