3 African American Braids Hairstyles 2017

With the passage of time African American braids hairstyles 2017 is becoming one of the most wanted and demanding ones. Braiding has all the time remained as one of the most famous types of African American braiding hairstyle. It is quite easy in making and simple to maintain as well. But make one thing clear that when you are making the braiding you need two things i.e. patience and care. There are many diverse kinds of braiding hairstyles for the women such as African Twist, Bantu Knots, Fishtail & Tree Braids. You don’t need to keep hairs long for this hairstyle as you can complete it on all hair lenghts and textures.

African American Braids Hairstyles 2017



Box Braids

This has been one of the most famous types of African American braiding hairstyle. This hairstyle can last longer for several weeks only if it is maintained properly. It can be finished perfectly with the three or four strand braids. If you are designing this hairstyle then you would need almost tresses by means of box braids that would need two hairstylists. Before making the box braids you should massage your scalp by way of oil.


This has been named as being one of the top fashionable forms of hair braiding. It has been complete inspired from the vintage style and allows the women to look fashionable for others. You can easily create it in an impressive way by tightly braiding your tresses just on the scalp either in the straight or geometric lines. Make one thing clear that you are balancing the tension on the strands. For the cornrows just try to keep the hairs all away from the heavy conditioners.

Micro Braids

On the last we have the Micro Braids. This braid even known famously as Pixie or either invisible braids! It can be suitably set perfect for all face shapes. It is easy in making as compare to rest of the African American braiding hairstyles. Most of the women who are office or college going they make the choice of this braiding hairstyle that will going to give them professional and classy look for others. Micro braids are accessible in various designs and styles. You can even embellish it with the use of beads and colorful pins as well.

You can even look for the African American braiding hairstyles through fashion websites with complete tutorial. So all the women and girls out there just make the choice of your favorite African American braiding hairstyle right now and we are 100% sure that you will going to fall your heart over these hairstyles. Grab the best one right now!


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