African American Hair Braiding Styles for Women and Men

Braids for African American women are popular, and most of the celebrities in all fields, be it films, music, or sports are seen sporting the trend of braids. Not everybody has straight hair and maintain it as this can be a problem to a few.

There are many braided patters than people of long and short hair length can use. Even if you have a bob hair, you can still go for the braids. Most of the black women, having short hair have sported African American hair braiding styles, and got a control over their frizzy hair.


If you do not want to comb your hair for many days, then braiding in this style will help.

So, if you live in environments where there are weather changes that affect your skin and hair, then braiding in this style will help you the most.

Though, braiding in this style is also a matter for convenience for many, you can go about months not worrying about your hair when you braid them in this style.

If your hair has a natural perm texture and you are unable to comb and set it, then braid it in the African American hair braiding styles, as this kind of hair is perfectly suited for this style of braiding.

There are different style of braids, given below are the popular braids.

  • Fishtail
  • Blocky style of braid
  • Cornrows
  • Microbraids
  • Twist braids
  • Tree braids
  • French braids

Apart from these popular braids, there is much other style of braids with numerous creative patterns for both, men and women.

Even men have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a style in braiding. You can leave the top part of your hair braided while the side parts of your head shaven. This gives a very clean cut braided look that goes well with any kind of clothing, including, formal suits. Men, who have curly hair, too can make their curls into braids, while shave their side portions clean and leave them trimmed in fine textures. You can create textures for your braids along with your beard and blend both into a symmetrical texture. This works best for men who have a problem maintaining their beard.

For men having hair fall and other kind of hair problems’, braiding your hair is a simple solution. You can get this done with the help any of hairstylist or at a hair spa.

African American Hair Braiding Styles Cornrows

Most of the geometric shaped patterns too work great in any of the African American hair braiding styles. You can also alternate this style of braids with spikes and faded side ends. This will add dimension to the texture and the overall look of the hairstyle.

If your hair is thinning, then you can use the twist braids and fade this style at the ends where your hair is thinning, this way your hair problems will not be obvious and also, this protects your hair from further thinning.

 Keep your hair neat and protected in all weather conditions using these braids.
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