Aliexpress Ali Annabelle Hair Reviews

Aliexpress Ali Annabelle Hair

Since 2015 the Ali Annabelle Hair Store started to sell hair extensions to ladies. It is part of the Aliexpress hair extension store, which is in turn part of the Alibaba Group. It serves many countries including Russia, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, and France. In order to offer better service to its clients, the site is available in many different languages from various parts of the world. These include Russian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Hebrew and Polish.

They sell their product worldwide and even offer free shipping services. In this way, the store has made quality hair extensions available to people from different countries. Another significant advantage of the store is that their products are well-priced and, therefore, affordable to most ladies.

Quality and Material

The Ali Annabelle Hair Store( sells one of the best hair extensions on Aliexpress. They sell natural hair extensions that give a very realistic result. They have products that come close to every hair type, quality, and color. The Ali Annabelle Official Store also sells their hair extensions with a complete guide on how to install the hair.

They deal with a broad range of hair extensions from Brazilian to wigs. You can wash and dry their products quickly without ever shrinking. The Ali Annabelle hair extensions meet the standards of the West regarding the length and color calibration. The hair extensions can go for about five months depending on how fast your hair grows.

Products Types and Prices

All the hair products on Ali Annabelle Hair Store are purely human hair for standard installation. They have 360 frontal wigs. differently-curled human hair extensions and closure. The price of the extensions ranges from $54.85 to $87.10.

These prices are dependent on the whether or not there is an offer on the store. Another best seller on their site is the Brazilian Kinky curl with lace and the Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair. These products go for $87.10 and $54.85. When there is an offer, they go for $51.39 and $26.33 respectively.

Other hair extensions in the store include the Peruvian Straight and the Malaysian hair extensions. Both can be obtained with or without the lace. With its broad range of the hair extensions, you will need to browse through their site to get a product that would suit you best.

Where to Buy

To purchase products from the Ali Annabelle Hair Store, you will need to browse their wide variety of hair extensions and select the item you want to buy. Then you can add it to the cart. You will be directed to the checkout and will be given the various payment options. After that, Aliexpress will issue a tracking number which use to follow the shipping of your product.


The Ali Annabelle Hair Store has a 97.7% positive feedback over the past six months. It has received an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. This is an excellent rating given it has been operational for only two years.

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