All Virgin Hair Reviews

All Virgin Hair Reviews

At All Virgin Hair Boutique we specialize in importing 100% unprocessed Virgin Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Amazon and Cambodian hair! Their hair is free of any chemicals and any hair color and all cuticles are retained in its original healthy state. We sell retail wholesale and drop-ship. All Virgin Hair prices simply can NOT be beat! Their prices start at just $50.00 a bundle!

First, let me start by saying I am NOT your regular “weave wearer”. I got my first sew-in last year and yes I said my first in my whole life!  A friend of mine recommended that I purchased my hair from here based on her hair and experience. Now yes, I saw my friend’s hair and it looked great from the natural color to the red color she dyed the hair. She did experience slight shedding but I believe that was attributed to the coloring of the hair. So I took her advice and purchased my first pack or should I say “bundles” from this location. Now mind you I live 8mins from the Tucker location and did not want to risk my first sew in being jacked due to the hair.

Ok, I harassed my hair stylist about what kind to get and yes I mean called her 2wice while in the store. The location had a boutique feel very cute and I had to ring the doorbell to get in. The customer experience was great and I purchased 3 bundles of Brazilian straight. Now,  I saw girls come in saying they want Malaysian and Peruvian (my friend had this one) , and Cambodian but the way my natural coils set up……I went with Brazilian. I don’t remember the lengths because I just needed it for a Bob but it wasn’t your regular stripper length. Upon purchase I was up sold to purchase shampoo/conditioner and a garmet bag(yes a garment bag for my BUNDLES) and I went on my way….

This hair was bomb! I washed it like it was mine and flatiron’d etc. You couldn’t tell me it was mine and I wore it for almost 4 months…yup 4! …fast forward to my new bundle life, I purchased the Brazilian Natural Wave and I am in LOVE! No issues at ALL. I washed and wore it natural and because my hair stylist is “FYE”, I KEPT IT IN FOR 4 MONTHS STRAIGHT! No tightening or anything needed! I washed the hair and hung it in my garment bag and will reinstall in January!

My advice, don’t put any product on this hair, read the instructions! You read instructions for everything else so you might as well read them for hair from a country you have NEVER been to..and your #bundlelife will be ok….but this is my experience!

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