Best Virgin Hair Factories – Top 5 (Updated 2022)

Best Virgin Hair Factories 2022

Is it hard to find a real and trusted virgin hair factory in China? Many people get frustrated because they have been communicating with hair factories in China for months, but fail to move forward. The reason, most likely, is that they did not find the suitable virgin hair or hair extension factory at the beginning. To successfully find a suitable wholesale hair factory, you need a strategy. This strategy will consist of awareness and knowledge.

China is the biggest hair products manufacturing base in the world, there are many human hair manufacturer based in City Like Xuchang, Qingdao & Guangzhou. But before you come, you still need to search the hair factory on the internet then decide which one you wanna visit, where and when is the best time you should come. This take a lot time and because you need to do the research, then also need to book tickets, hotel etc, that’s cost a lot of money too! The best part is you can see the factory your with own eyes, test the product with your own hand. Have clue that what hair material they use for your product and know the entire production progress. Finally, this is the super hair factory that you are looking for, are their products good enough to help your business.


How to Find A Good Human Hair Factory?

  1. Understand what kind or hair you want or need. You need to first know what is available and have a way to categorize the information.
  2. If you are new in hair business, then you need to find more kinds for sales and test the market at your place to find which is the most suitable for your customers. So you need to try some hair samples high quality with good price.
  3. If you are a hairstylist, then a high quality virgin hair will be most suitable for you, because most of your customers may need to be dyed color, or make hair styles when they buy hair from you, if a lower quality, it may cause problems during you install the hair for your customers. Then it will affect your business, and you will not get money or even lose your customers.
  4. If you need to change your hair vendor, then you need to find one who sell the same kind or similar kinds as what you are selling now. And also you need to match price also. It is better for you to find a more professional hair factory who mainly selling the kind you need. And have good feedback from their customers. And it is better it is a hair factory , because the price you get will be better than your get from a trading hair company.
  5. If you are in USA, the best solution is to find a China hair factory that operated an office or warehouse in Atlanta.

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The Hair Factory

The Hair Factory is an exclusive 100% virgin human hair line. Their company is committed to meeting the needs of their customers. Thus, spending an ample amount of time, research, and dedication to finding the highest quality of virgin extensions to offer our customers. They make sure the cuticle is still intact for maximum heat, chemical, and coloring services. They want the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best virgin hair extensions in the industry. Having beautiful hair and being able to create any desired look makes anyone feel self-confident and gorgeous at the same time. As a company they pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service as well as quality virgin hair extensions to give each client the desired style that they wish to achieve.

Ted Hair Factory

Best Wholesale Hair Factory in China & Hair Factory Warehouse in Atlanta

TedHair is the premium hair factory in China, providing top quality hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salon and online store owners around the world. Their clients love to give them a call or stop by their showroom. Visit TedHair Atlanta Warehouse now!

Ted Hair is a premier hair trading and manufacturer, meanwhile your reliable partner in growing your beauty business. They supply top quality hair products at the best price with extraordinary customer service and provide a turn-key business solutions to beauty professionals and entrepreneurs. They provide premium hair extensions to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, beauty or hair salons, online stores and hair stylists around the world. Ted Hair supply virgin Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, closures, hair extensions and more. They are always ready to listen to your needs!

Dhawarak Indian Hair Factory

Dhawarak Indian Hair’s 3200 square feet human hair extensions manufacturing unit is a fusion of traditional manufacturing process and contemporary machineries.

At Dhawarak Indian Hair Factory, the raw human hair procured from temple are converted into hair extensions. Chemicals are not used in any step so that their extensions stay healthy with cuticles intact.

Their processes are manual and time consuming – For example, the hair is dried in sun light and not using heater. Nits and lices are picked manually and not using chemicals. Yet for effective management of time and resource, KANBAN approach is followed. With this method, they control the stock and effectively manage the resources to produce hair extensions at the right cost and at the right time.

Kabeilu Hair Factory

Guangzhou Kabeilu Trading Co,Ltd is a professional manufacture of human hair products. With more than 11 years of experiences in beauty industry and earned a high reputation. They mainly wholesale hair weave, closures and wigs in Brazilian,Peruvian,Indian and Malaysian hair. Their company have more than 200 sales staff and 600 workers, the square of the factory and company are around 15000 and 3000 square meters, product bundles more than 3.6 million pieces every year, Ship out 10,000pcs in 24 hours every day by Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT.

XBL Hair Factory

Guangzhou XBL Hair Products Co,.Ltd. is Virgin Hair Vendors established in 2001, has 16 years experience in human hair products and sales. They have two factories 13,000 square meters and 25,000 square meters which are located in ShanDong Province of China. One of the factories is mainly responsible for the production of high-end hair weaves. The other factory is mainly producing the other grade hair weaves, lace wig, closure and other hair accessories and other special customized products.

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