20 Fabulous Black Cornrow Hairstyles To Grab Attention

Cornrow hairstyle is one of the trending hairstyles in 2015 for african american black women. The art of hairstyling emerges into heightened expression with the configuration of cornrow compositions. Throughout the ages a cultural tradition among African men and women, cornrows have endured into the development of African American culture. This hair design is currently a raging trend, with rising numbers of cornrow enthusiasts seeking hairstyle experts to produce increasingly intricate designs. The rage has gone global with such celebrities as David Beckham, Alicia Keys and Carmelo Anthony charismatically embodying their enthusiasm for african cornrow styles.

There are few hairstyles more inventive than cornrows. As braids plaited along the scalp to form various facets and contours, black cornrows engender a variety of designs that are fashioned using straight, curvy, slanted, or circular patterned builds. The coil and thickness of African American hair is particularly suited for cornrows. Hair follicle shapes and curls securely adhere braids against the scalp to facilitate the formation of long-lasting, structured designs. It can be termed as african cornrow braids. Intricate configurations of braided rows allow and encourage decorative innovation that encompasses the scalp, expressing the wearers personality and person. For black women, cornrow hairstyles can be formed into casual or highly formal styles, depending upon the occasion. In keeping with this ingenuity, here are the top 20 African American cornrow hairstyles.

1. Elevate Row Awareness

Rather than adhering flush against the scalp, elevated cornrows create a shadowed, 3-D effect where subtle shades peek through textured depth. Braided thickness is vertical, giving the impression of thinly-fashioned plaits. Give a rise to your look with this style dimension.

2. Tight Rope

Black cornrow hairstyles for natural hair: Protect your natural hair with a covered rope effect. Cornrows are roped within corkscrew-styled hair replicas during the braiding process. The technique shelters plaits and braided lengths in a sheath of designer twists. For a look of modest allure, dress your cornrows in this gracious mode to charismatically accentuate your presence.

3. Arrayed in Twists

Twists can be fashioned into more than free-hanging lengths. Double twist the rows. Rather than three intertwined sections that form plait-styled braids, these rows are formed by a two-portion interlace attached to the scalp in a superbly twirled stencil. For a distinct pattern in both texture and design, this hairstyle is the perfect choice.

4. Straight the Rows

Yes, straightened hair does accommodate cornrows. You can plait a portion in rows while retaining a large and loose portion of your hair. Here the exquisitely curved cornrow design unites the style contrast by freely emerging into expansive strands. Represent this look in long, medium, or short tresses.

5. Roll Call

The rows displayed in this view are actually corn-rolls, created with a rounded, rather than plaited, adherence to the scalp. Fastened coils freely emerge to become a complexly spiraled cluster that securely assembles into a single twirl. While seen here on straighter hair, a variety of curl patterns create distinctly unique versions of this style.

6. Circle Around

Curly-cued circles accent this swirled cornrow pattern creating the interest exhibited in combined row and scalp impressions. From forehead and temple, curved paths of plaited tracks then anchor this style with a rear-leaning stream that culminates in braided flow. Accessorize with jewelry and hair ornaments to even further emphasize the character of this hairdo trend.

7. Ahead of the Curve

Here asymmetrically curved tracks of finely plaited cornrows radiate from forehead and temple into beautifully braided lengths. Exhibiting a stir of delicate splendor, this hair model blissfully embraces the scalp in an array of swirled finesse poised to attract admiring glances. A wise choice for daily wear or dressy occasions, safely include this look in your hairstyle collection.

8. A Tall Tail

Pull cornrows up into a high ponytail and observe your identity freed into joyous vitality. From rows of combined hue to solidly glowing lengths, the fresh appeal of this hairstyle encourages innate enthusiasm. To keep plaits fresh, sleep with head cover and rebraid edges when needed from forehead and temples to nape of neck.

9. The Best Part

Demurely distinctive in their parted array, precisely plaited rays transform into an expanse of exquisite braids. Adding a part to any hairstyle, including cornrows, brings a divergent posture and perspective into view. The eye addresses both the style and the overall look. From jeans to the office, you can rely on this chic hairdo to set a stimulating trend.

10. Flat-Out Beautiful

To exemplify how simplicity begets beauty, this hair genre displays finely-swept strands ascending into five precisely fashioned cornrows. This style brings height to the face, exposing a beautifully chiseled bone structure and a keenly-featured charm. As shown, jewelry accessorizes the full appearance, dressing this look up or down for numerous occasions.

11. Wave Into Style

Singer Alicia Keys wears a flat shimmy of smoothly crimped shapes that brilliantly acclaim her bearing. The whirl of these african cornrows both fashion and lift the style into a distinguished magnitude of scalloped waves. Notice the hair ornaments which grace the braids that extend from the elegantly structured design.

12. Majesty

Why not crown the cornrow genre with its own majestic order. The summit of this style is loose braids that sweep from the front hairline into a full length spill onto the torso. Attached rows swirl back from the temples to meet the swell at multiple points throughout the braided stream. Exquisite in its makeup, this look breathes refinement and appeal.

13. BeJeweled

Add dazzle, barrettes, or decorated pins to dress up any style, including cornrows. Pouring straight back to anticipate receptive shoulders, these rows spring into loosely hung braids behind a sparkling border of hair jewelry. A notable enhancement to this silhouette, the color motif of these ornaments bring added character to an already pleasing impression. For hair decorations that complement whatever you wear, use clear or opaque ornaments that display color nuances rather than solid color.

14. Big and Beautiful

A style to behold, thick, glistening cornrows grace the head in back-leaning movement. This view displays ample rows that slip along the crown and down the neck with twined grace, then course into braided lengths. Though wide and solid, the careen of plaits elegantly caresses the back as it flows towards culmination. Suitable for all curl patterns.

15. Rail Lines

The railway construction shown here is formed by small cornrows joined into single rail-like rows that travel from front to back along the scalp. The concisely fastened smaller rows interlace into the larger tracks, forming the evident railroad design. Set this look off with an asymmetrical neck bun, and youve got true hair fashion.

16. Zig and Zag

Here zigzag waves are compactly anchored to the scalp in artistically formed dimensions. Precisely emerging from the hairline, braids flatly adhere in seesaw patterns to all points of the crown. With neither height nor addition, these innovatively turned formations alone distinctly complete the style. African american cornrows can either stop at the back hairline or extend further into braids.

17. Swirl Around

If thick cornrows arent your preference, how about gracing your crown with slim swirls? Hued highlights add dimension and emphasize the plaited texture, modeling a feminine contour of glamorous impressions. Wear this style as a short look, or with extended braids as shown here.

18. Looking Back

From front to back, these streams of plaited rows, frame the head in an flowing wave of design. Simple, yet precise, this hair expression contrasts golden hues against braided texture within a quietly harmonious continuity. Moisturize with a product that is neither water-based nor alcohol-based. Rebraid when needed from the scalp, precisely tucking each braided end under its related cornrow.

19. Through Thick and Thin

Women who prefer rare expression, will possibly find this thick and thin black cornrow technique to be a perfect alternative. Infused with a thick and thin plait variety, along with swirled formations, this composition conveys a bold statement in style contrast. The thin-to-thick row design is extraordinary in both size and dimension, while the flattened coils along the scalp add contrasted interest. Wash and rinse through a nylon stocking or a strong, wide-meshed hairnet. Use an oil-based moisturizer as needed.

20. Abstract Art

Use your crown as a canvas for artistry. The crossing and interlacing designs displayed here exemplify the limitless creativity cornrows can exhibit. Notice how the scalp displays a parallel complement to the overall row formation. With artistic facets that fascinate, as in all abstract art, the more you look upon the intricate patterns the more is taken into your view.

These stylish black cornrow hairstyles for African American women are trending in 2017 because of its unique characteristics. Hope you have liked the cornrow styles and will get yourself an amazing new look. Let us know your favorite cornrow hairstyle in the comment.

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