20 Blazing Hair Colors for Black Women

Hair color is a perfect way to spice up your look. African American women may wonder whether a radical contrast between skin hue and hair color compliments their look. Skin tone can make an even stronger difference than skin color in the best combination. Rather than by color, your skin tone is determined by one of two undertones. Take a look at the underside of your wrist. If your veins look blue or purple, youre cool toned. If they look green or have a yellow cast, youre warm toned. Warm tones look beautiful in earthy hair colors like burnt orange, tapioca blonde, sunny yellow, glowing auburn, warm brown, or blonde highlights. Cool tones, trend towards white blonde, black, ash blonde, gray brown, flax, chestnut, copper, or maroon auburn. As well as considering skin tone, look for a hair color that harmonizes with your eyes. Also consider blending your hair color of choice with your wardrobe colors. Then consider the occasions you frequent. You may not favor a pink hair color if you attend many formal events. Nor may you always desire a traditional color if youre into concerts or lively parties. Finally, contemplate how long you wish to wear a specific hair color. A permanent color lasts until your hair grows out. A semi permanent color fades as you tire of it. A temporary color washes out with your next shampoo.

In giving attention to your skin tone, focus on a hair color chart. Examine this chart on the back of the hair color box rather than on the front image. For best results, color within two shades of your own hair color and do a strand test in natural light to verify the shade. Also remember to do an allergy test to avoid reaction to the chemical ingredients. There is a greater requirement for moisture with the more porous strands of African hair. As coloring tends to be drying, it is highly important for African American women to be conscious of preventing hair damage. Ammonia, as the retaining agent in hair color, causes some loss of natural moisture. Robust conditioning that replaces moisture reverses the drying effect, helping to maintain hair health and resilience. Especially when heat is applied, frequently grooming in this way restores moisture and strengthens hair strands. With regular conditioning, your hair can be outstandingly healthy even after coloring. Not all permanent hair coloring agents contain ammonia, So shop for your preference. Now that we know how to color, lets turn our attention to some coloring ideas. Here are 20 amazing hair colors for black women.

20. Maroon Hewn

From darker hues strikingly emerge crimson shades to arrest and contrast expressive eyes. Best worn with oranges, yellows and blues, here rests a certain win for school, concerts, the club or parties. The rose blush on this maroon glow best suits warm skin tones.

19. Black Is Beautiful

Obsidian locks gracefully and mysteriously tumble shoulder-bound with superb allure, complementing both skin tones and any wardrobe color. Classic youth wears this style and color well. Dress up or down for a number of effects and occasions.

18. Luminous Cover

Adding dimension and movement to wheat-colored locks, a dark underscore of low-lights forms appealing contrast. Accenting hazel eyes, these tints make warm skin tones glow. Wardrobe choices in hot-to-pale magenta, purple and blue flourish against these yellow and darkened hues.

17. Ribboned Glow

Radiant with parallel accents, a deep brown hosts an assortment of highlights. Iridescent layers blend into perception to illuminate warm skin tones and sparkling brown eyes. Wear this lovely hair effect with reds, golds, blues, and purples to cocktail parties, and semi-formal occasions.

16. Cocoa With Cinnamon

Golden highlights subtly grace mahogany tresses. complementing inviting brown eyes. Warm skin tones luxuriate beneath expansive lengths faintly glazed by golden glow. With apparel colors of cranberry, blue, forest green or pale magenta, dress this look up or down for a number of occasions.

15. Copper Covered

In memory of popular singer Whitney Houston, we headline this coppery exposure that overlays a sleek, stylized bob. Gray and white impressions make this color best for cool skin tones. Choose olive green, sea green, maroon, black and purple fashion.

14. Redwood

Dramatically eye-catching, this sultry rich auburn with plum undercurrents mesmerizes the view. Hazel eyes glisten before a full, breezy backdrop of chromatic depth. Cool skin tones look best in this hair color, with forest green, olive, pale green, taupe, gray blue and royal blue as fashion complements. Model this look at upscale events, dressy celebrations, weddings and fashion shows.

13. Fade To Blonde

Traditionally lighter skinned African American women have been candidates for blonde hair. However, as seen here, there are women with browner skin who attractively pull off this look. To add interest and absorb warm skin color, this hair luster blondes by degree with an auburn gold to glistening yellow fade-in. Once blonde accents crescendo, tincture again merges into facial hues. A warm skin tone wears further enhancements in blue, rose, turquoise, orange, green, or rose-tinted purple dress. Glamourize your look daily with this effect or dress it up for more formal occasions.

12. Flaxen Beauty

Actress Halle Berrys electric brown eyes gleam against deep flaxen tresses. With cool-toned skin, set off this hair color in wheat yellow, brown, black, off-white and pastels of pink, green and purple wardrobe choices. Adorn this look daily for a cool spark of distinction.

11. Spring Into Light

Sunshine surrounds singer Rihannas facial contours with summery blonde fluffs emanating from shadowy brown origins. Her insightfully hazel eyes glimmer within this sunny glow. From beach to concert to home entertainment enjoy this look with lighthearted zeal. To accessorize, drape in purple, blue, brown, olive, crimson, burnished red or turquoise.

10. Autumn Leaf Red

Tangerine auburn shades adorn cascading tresses with bold cover. Against warm, mocha skin, ample bangs flash atop dark brown eyes. To compliment this dynamic color, choose from sky blue, forest green, cool brown, pastel blue-green or off-white ensembles. Daily vibrance exists within the context of this look.

9. Streaks of Light Upon the Night

In ombre fashion, light brown and gold highlights swirl upon an essence of dark brown curls. Smoothed from the crown, colors flourish along glowing cheeks to accent receptive brown eyes and favor warm skin tones. Dress up this hairstyle for receptions, theatre, prom or museum in wardrobe shades of red, yellow, blue, green or olive.

8. Golden Moments

Golden blonde as a natural shade creates a glorious lustre on normally darker hair, perfect for warm skin tones. Worn best with shades of blue, lilac, purple, olive and burnt orange, golden blondes best look exists without additional highlights. Wear both style and color for daily wear or to dressy occasions.

7. Swept In Silver

Ashen accents whirl about fluctuating wisps in this short cut, then spin over the crown as bronze and gold highlights. Warm skin tones look best in this coloring, along with blue, deep green, maroon, burgundy, olive or burnt orange fashion choices. Under this style travel to work, daily errands, parties and concerts with translucent flair.

6. Antique Gold

A red tint antiques this blonde hair for a beautifully distinctive look in hair color. Ginger blonde tresses radiate against a warm skin tone to form a fully thick display. Wear this look casually with mild burnt orange, sky blue, brown and burgundy red fashion.

5. Chocolate Experience

Warm brown lengths curl upon shoulders, cascading in a glamorous outpour of mahogany intrigue. A warm-toned skin complement, this color works best with mustard, olive, orange, pale green, forest green and off-white. Swing into the workplace, daily errands and to downplayed dressy occasions in these luxuriant locks.

4. Silver and Gold

Thick, dusty tendrils trellis down the torso with faintly blonde undertones flavoring the view. As this hair shade best complements cool skin tones, pale olive, deep gray, black, gray blue, violet or purple are your preferred fashion colors. Don this look at fashion shows, entertainment appearances, lunch engagements and semi-formal occasions.

3. The Color Purple

A brief plum resonance that complements cool skin tones graces the raven color of this precise cut. Creatively blending with darker hair shades, purple overtones trend in current hair fashion. Outfit this accent with dark chocolate, purple, lavender, maroon, or lilac. Dress down for daily wear and up for chic occasions.

2. White Gold

Platinum blonde flash overlays this asymmetric style mode, with varying undercurrents of auburn, brown and gold. This tinctured effect relates to both warm and cool skin tones. Wear with antique gold, lilac, blue, brown, maroon, olive, or tan ensembles. Up tempo occasions are perfect for this look.

1. Sweet Auburn

Playfully edgy ringlets sport russet auburn shades to best harmonize with warm skin tones. Combine these deeply rust twirls with wardrobe options of maroon, brown, tan, cranberry, burgundy, olive and turquoise. Weddings, afternoon receptions, luncheons and ceremonies are ideal occasions for this hair fashion.

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