Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

Braid Hairstyles has survived among both African-American and African women since time immemorial and it is still among the top hairstyling trends to this day. Braiding is one of the top hairstyle choices because of how chic, gorgeous and trendy it is.

Braids take a very long time to install and they hurt during installation but it is all worth it as the end result will surely turn heads. Before we look at the top 10 braid hairstyles for black women, we need to state the few fabulous reasons why braids rock.

Why you should get hair braids

  • Braids are a protective hairstyle. They will protect your hair from harsh weather conditions.
  • Braid hairstyles are very unique and stylish.
  • If properly taken care of, braids can last for months.
  • The versatility of braids means that they can be styled in various ways and they allow you to try different hair lengths.
  • For those that love colour, it is so easy to experiment with different colours as well as textures.
  • Braids will do a good job retaining hair length.

So now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s talk the best 10 braid hairstyles for black women.

Micro Braid Hairstyles

Micro braids are very tiny, single braids that originated from the Masai in Tanzania and Kenya. Usually, they are braided half-way, leaving the rest of the hair. Micro (and mini) braids take a lot of time to install and are super painful but are very beautiful at the same time. These braids can stay on your head for close to three months under proper maintenance and their length allow for different styles.

Cornrow Hairstyles

Cornrows are very casual but fun and have been around since forever. These are small, tight braids that are braided in such a way that they line up against the scalp.  What makes cornrow braids special is that they can be very creative and are a perfect do for those hot, summer days.

Twist Braid Hairstyles

Twist braids, just like Micro Braids, originate from Africa. Two strands of braids are ‘twisted’ around each other to create the braids. They can be braided halfway or all the way, and come in different color shades.

Fish Braid Hairstyles

Fish braids can be both thin and/or thick. They are basically layered braids that make use lots of small pieces of hair that are intertwined. These braids have been named “fish or herringbone braids” because they resemble the skeleton of a fish. They are great for both winter and summer.

French Braids

French braids have become one of the most popular braid types lately. This hairstyle involves weaving small pieces of hair on top of the main braid. This main braid lies close to the scalp. May celebrities, including Jennifer Hudson, have rocked this fabulous do because it brings sophistication to your whole look, yet looks very simple. It is great for an evening out or a black tie event.

Braided Up-do Hairstyles

Hair has to be plaited in small cornrows and they have to cross over each other through the entire head. After, the small cornrows are gathered together at the centre of the head to make a bun that can be of any style or design to come up with an elegant and sophisticated up do perfect for any face shape.

The braided up-do is very easy to take care of and is also very comfortable. If properly maintained, this braid hairstyle stays longer. To keep your hair looking sleek, you must use braid spray or coconut oil for nourishment and to lubricate the scalp.

Havana Twists Hairstyles

Havana twists are quite unique but at the same time, are very chic and trendy for the modern woman. They are a bigger version of twist braids. They are planted or installed just like normal twists, only they are bigger. You can choose from a variety of colors including blonde and black. Now, because they are too big, you will probably need a scarf to secure them in place and keep them from covering your face.

Box Braids

These braids became popular in the early 90s and have been hot since then. They are beautiful long singles braids that are braided all the way to the end. They take hours to install but well worth the wait. For an extra added flare, you can make them butt long like what Beyoncé did a few months back and also try blonde for color variations.

Lace Braids

These braids are very simple but exceptionally beautiful. They crown the head in a half-moon shape, the way that a tiara does. It’s easy to create this look as you only have to braid just a section of the hair and leave the rest unbraided. Lace braids are really great as a wedding hairstyle.

Braided Mohawk

This brilliant hairstyle will open your face, accentuating your face shape and your facial features. This is a great style for any face shape. For an added touch, incorporate some colored pieces into the Mohawk.

So, there you have it, the 10 braid hairstyles for black women that are always in season. Remember the 5 commandments of braid maintenance so that your hairstyle remains fresh;

  1. Always deep condition your hair before getting braids installed. This simply keeps your roots strong.
  2. Apply moisturizing oil to your braids every day. If you skip this important step, hair will become dry and inevitably break.
  3. Make sure you shampoo your braids every once in a while (3 weeks tops). Product build up happens due to constant oiling of the braids and the scalp. The accumulation of dirt on your scalp will block your follicles and will prevent hair from growing, as well as make your scalp dry, leading to hair loss.
  4. Your scalp needs to be oiled every once every week as this moisturizes hair strands and allows protein to be transported into the hair shaft.
  5. Wrap your braids every night before bed to prevent any slumber induced frizz as well as the gathering of lent in your braids.

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