5 Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair to Get Elegant Appearance

It is difficult to manage long hair and most of the girls prefer to have bun or ponytail. Stylish hairstyles make you more appealing and elegant. Whether you want lovely style for routine days or getting ready to attend party, braided hairstyle looks perfect with the type of dress you are wearing. Here are 5 braided hairstyles for long hair to help you get hairstyle at home in few minutes:

 1. Crown Braid Hairstyle

Brush your hair and make division of your hair in three sections. First of all, cross right side over mid part. Pass middle part towards right side. Now, repeat the same process on left side. This process will interconnect three segments in the middle. Keep on making braids by inserting section of hair. At the end, it will get a crown form round the head. To get more formal appearance, curl rest of the hair with rollers or iron rod.


2. Waterfall Braided Elegant Hairstyle

To get this elegant style, your long hair must be straight. First of all, use heat resistant cream and then use hair straightener to end curls in hair. Now, part your hair and select small hair section from forehead to separate into 3 portions. Right part will be crossed over middle, central towards right side and middle part will be crosses towards left side. This process will make a vertical hair strand. Keep on repeating the process to get perfect waterfall shape. Brush in rest of hair to give fine and straight appearance.


3. Fishtail Braided Style

Brush your hair and apart them in two sections. Select hair section from left or right side (thin strand). Select another hair strand and pull over the first section. Process will continue by selecting hair from one section and pulling over the other section. Keep on alternating the procedure till fishtail appears. Keep in mind that thin strands will make intricate and attractive braid.


4. French Braid

There is no hairstyle as gripping as French braid. For long hair, it is considered one of the best style perfect for formal and casual routine days. Select three hair chunks from central area. Make braid by crossing left side strand over middle then right side strand over middle. Keep on repeating the process by adding more hair in each section. It is up to you to use ribbon in this French braid to get some fun.


5. Boho Braid

Among best 5 braided hairstyles for long hair, Boho braid is considered one of the most familiar and easy to make style. Select hair section from temple and start braiding till other end. Now, use bobby pins to fix this style. It is up to you to make one braid or repeat the process to get classy hairdo.

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