15 Best Clip in Hair Extension Ideas for Black Women

Clip in hair extensions: Faux extensions consistently enrich original hair with silky lengths or expansive fill. Tresses varying in texture, dimension and color are applied to potentially augment hair fashion. Choices include straight, crimped, fluffy, curly, twirled, waved or curlicued strands, with an option for only partial extension cover. Various techniques include sewing or gluing extensions onto natural hair. Although when taken out, sewn and glued extensions tend to pull at hair, with the effect of eventual thinning. This insight therefore looks solely into clip in hair extensions. For quicker, safer and more easily-created looks, tracks attach with clips onto natural hair. A fishnet track pattern, through which natural hair can be pulled, even more quickly and easily builds an authentic look.

The more investment in hair extensions the better the wash & wear resilience, glamour and authenticity. More expensive natural hair extensions accept color, and ensure that cuticle layers flow from root to tip. Mixed directions, or tip to root flows, display an uneven and ultimately unattractive appearance. On some mixed direction strands the stripped cuticle is replaced with a silicon shine that quickly deteriorates. To test for stripping, from root to ends and ends to root, rub your thumb and index finger along a few extension strands. Hair that feels smooth in both directions has been stripped. To tell whether cuticle layers are in mixed direction, or incorrectly decline from end to root, run your fingers downward through dry hair extensions. If the movement of your fingers sticks or meets resistance, cuticles are mixed or inverted from end to root. For best results rely on pure Indian hair. Having reviewed the how of extensions, youre now invited to view the what. Explore these 15 clip in hair extension ideas for black african american women.

15. Tractivate

For those who are new to extensions, this model holds up a track of hair, which is one way to position hair additions. Her lovely long locks are created by clipping these pieces into place at her hair roots. Carefully place hair segments as overlays or, if your hair blends well, integrate them with your own natural strands.

14. Connect with Color

Interacting with a black base, natural blonde and auburn additions enhance face and hair. Curving bangs brush brilliant hues across eye and eyebrow. Unlike synthetic hair, natural extensions can be dyed. Before coloring, hold your arm against the color chart for a choice that compliments. Wear this look daily.

13. Bushy Beauty

An amazing clip in hair extension. Introduce full tracks to create an afro, or add fullness to your own curl pattern. Free and voluminous, this vast hair display ardently expands as it encircles facial beauty. Texture rules this expression with little need for color accents. Create this look with hair tracks, or fishnet additions. Great for daily wear and casual entertainment.

12. Tail End

A girly ponytail is always a fitting addition to naturally grown hair. This addition is very easy in that it can be attached as one hair piece. Securely clipped and tied onto your own hair, the extension prettily drops from the crown. Daily wear is great for this look.

11. Layer By Layer

Varying track lengths create this look of extensions graded in sequential dimensions to fashion a design of sculpted and descending tiers. With a precise, full slant across the face, hair additions layer into beguiling style. Wear daily or to fancy occasions.

10. Crowned in Crimp

The hair tracks shown form crimped waves of lushly flowing locks. Clipped along hair strand roots, these additions attach upon naturally grown hair in an array that creates this view. Natural hair extensions can be washed with retention of their shape and curl. Wear this sultry look best to concerts, shows, and parties.

9. Set It Straight

With applied extensions, a sleekly straight mane finely declines from crown to torso. Smooth, shiny lengths demurely screen a blushing profile with dramatic simplicity. Take this hairstyle, in many variations, to nearly any occasion.

8. Fluffy Fun

Gorgeous hair extension for braided styles. Briefly braided into place, wavy tracks diffuse into fluffy expansion. To achieve feathering, comb your fingers through extensions to the desired extent. The workplace, daily errands and carefree occasions would invite this look.

7. Color Bound

Swirls of extensions crescendo into crimson hues as they descend along stranded dimensions. Thickly twirling depths cascade down the back to end in curvaceous curls. A voluptuous expression, this hairstyle brings an enticing appeal to personal presence.

6. Swirling Waves

A few swirls integrated into hair dimensions add wonders. Apply these tracks as overlays or merged into your hair to form singular twirls. From youthful daily wear to special occasions, this look makes the grade.


5. As Long As

Long, loose waves make a seemingly endless journey down the torso, affecting profound dimension. The fishnet attachment shown, through which your hair can be drawn, clips to hair roots near the crown. For a dramatic effect, wear hair down daily and up for more sophistication.

4. Black and Gold

As a definite high style application, extension accents add volume, glow and stranded interest to this short style. A look of artistic flair prominently blossoms throughout the display. Blonde tones draped from the crown are possibly one clipped-in track. While tendrilled accents are probable tints within a second track.

3. The Big Bang

Short, even extensions, applied at the front as bangs, complement long tracks that create hairstyle depths. Delicate highlights underscore lengths, adding color to form design. This style is a photographers dream, while it also travels well to chic parties or entertainment events.

2. Adhere To Asymmetry

Long and luscious on one side. Decisively brief on the other. Extensions attach in elongated saturation to create artistic asymmetry. A unique view from either side, this look exemplifies high style.

1. Turn Up the Volume

The Bob

This awesome clip in hair extension is really like turning the hair volume up! Creating a mysteriously alluring look, extensions add distinctive volume to this style impression. Natural additions discreetly steeped in entreating overtones entice the view into a beauteous ambiance. A chic style for chic occasions, wear this look in high fashion.

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