The Crochet Braids is This The New Trend?

African American hair is very flexible. You will find no wrong or right method to rock braided hair. The way you choose to rock it is dependent on the personas, careers, along with other requirements.

Crochet Hair for African American Women

Within the black community, hair styles come and go and often its difficult to maintain the most recent hair trends for black hair. For this reason were here. The new braided hairstyle for black women based on the hair community may be the Crochet Braids.

The Latest Braided Hair Trend for African American Women: Crochet Braids

I understand youre thinking, crochet braids like a braided hairstyle are extremely 1990s. At least that’s things i thought until I first viewed it on my buddies. This hairstyle for African American hair is the best protective style. It safeguards 100% of hair as the whole head is braided beneath the crochet.

The Crochet Braided hairstyles can be achieved with varies crochet weaves however, Ive discovered the curly/kinky turn to be popular as apposed towards the sleek and straight look. When done properly the design and style look very natural. Actually, many natural women make use of this trending hair do his or her visit protective hair do.

I stress the Crochet Braided hair is a safety style since the ultimate goal is lengthy, healthier hair but its not only that. Its stylish and low maintenance.

Crochet Hair for African American Women

Pros Of Crochet Braided Hair:
  • Looks stylish
  • Protective for your own hair
  • Very easy to maintain
Cons Of Crochet Braided Hair:
  • If too tight, braids can be damaging to edges
  • Has to be installed by a professional for not having a unnatural look
  • Can damage your hair, if you keep it too long.

How to Do Crochet Braided Hair


How to Maintain Crochet Braided Hair

Crochet hair style is really simple to maintain.

  • Before the installation apply deep condition.
  • Dont forget to moisturize
  • Try to use a silk or satin pillow (bonnet/scarf) at night for not damaging your hair.
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