Diamond Virgin Hair Reviews

Diamond Virgin Hair Reviews

Diamond Virgin Hair is a company that manufactures high-quality Virgin Remy extensions and weaves. The company specializes in different hair types, with their most popular types being Peruvian and Brazilian hair. They also manufacture a large range of different hair styles and textures, and offer all of their products at an affordable price. The company has gained a good reputation over the past few years, and it also offers a wholesale program, as well as a brand ambassador program. Their products can be purchased directly from their website, as well as at any of the salons that have signed up as an ambassador for the Diamond Virgin Hair brand.

Different Styles, Textures And Types

Diamond Virgin Hair has a large portfolio of hair extensions, weaves and wigs. They offer these products in many different textures, hair types and styles to suit the needs of every single customer.

Brazilian Hair

The Brazilian Hair range from Diamond Virgin Hair seems to be their most popular series of extensions and weaves. The company offers Brazilian Hair in four different textures, including curly, straight, wavy and a combination of wavy and curly weaves. The majority of these extensions are priced from $85 and the final price depends on the selected options, but the highest price on their Brazilian Hair sets seems to be $155. The hair extensions are available in lengths ranging from 12-inch to 28-inch sets. The majority of these weaves are only available in a natural off-black color.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian Hair is also an attractive type of hair that has a silky finish, and preferred by many women all around the world. Diamond Virgin Hair has a range of different Peruvian Hair products available in both straight and wavy styles. The prices for the company’s Peruvian Hair sets ranges from $85 to $155. They have extension sets, as well as lace closures. The extension sets are available in different lengths varying from 12-inch to 28-inch. Just as is the case with Brazilian hair, these extensions are only available in an off-black natural color.


Besides the regular hair sets, weaves and extensions, Diamond Virgin Hair also stocks a wide range of closures. A closure is placed alongside the weave wearer’s hairline to complement their existing look and to create a certain type of “illusion”. The company offers a wide variety of closures and they only stock lace closures, which is often the preferred type of closure by most weave wearers. Their different styles include Brazilian Curly, Brazilian Straight, Brazilian Wavy, Peruvian Straight and Peruvian Wavy.

Bundle Deals

Bundle deals offer weave wearers an excellent way to save money. These bundles usually include a series of three or four extension sets in one bundle, and is available at a lower price than it would normally cost if the sets are purchased separately. Diamond Virgin Hair has hair bundle deals for both their Mink Brazilian and Peruvian Hair sets. The prices for these bundle deals vary between $225 and $475. There are a few options to choose from that will determine the final price of the bundle deal. Options include the bundles’ lengths, which includes different length hair sets, the number of sets included in the bundle (this can be either three or four hair sets) and, of course, the texture that the buyer prefers. Textures available in the bundle deals’ sets include straight, big wave, wavy and curly.

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