25 Elegant Wedding Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Like a Princess


Its a wedding! Women have glamorous concepts of hairstyling for memorable occasions. From traditional to creatively individual and from church to beach, brides explore a myriad of options to fashion their wedding appearance.

As the eagerly awaited day approaches the bride wants her plans for hair artistry to come off as perfectly finished. She wants to shine at her wedding and be the most beautiful bride you can imagine.

The most amazing wedding dress can be darkly compromised by a non-complementary hairstyle. Whatever her hair length and texture, the bride desires to best fashion her locks to formally glamorize her bridal presence.

To achieve this goal, brides presently favor vintage bouffant styles that are splendidly dressed with wedding tiaras and hair jewels. As in sync with many brides, African American brides wear classic hair designs in many style varieties. Short or long, demure or adventurous, sleek or curly, waves, mini dreadlocks, micro and goddess braids, smoothed-out sedu and straight or with satiny curls are all fabulous choices for bridal styles.

Curled, flowing lengths are dramatically attractive. Cascading waves add passion and allure. A glamorous updo is a great complement to formal bridal attire and seem to be the most popular look among many brides.

These hairstyles dress a brides crown with sophisticated charm.

A walk down the aisle in regal form under an entwined bun or a high, feathery array is the perfect bridal entrance.

Various techniques and patterns for up-swept styles are created with textured twists, inclined micro braids, upward-trained curls, high buns and natural clusters. Try out a couple of hairstyle options before you decide on a final choice. There are many preferred up-swept styles from which you can choose.

Brushed up from the neck, this hair elegance can be loosely held or firmly secured, and decorated with fine jewels or ornate hair combs.

Wearing short or long hair in lower styles is also an attractive option. Shortly designed looks bring a whimsical mood to the forefront, while longer styles fashion dreamy, billowing waves that mystically flow below a wedding veil.

Or you may prefer an exceptionally feminine half up-half down hairstyle. The upper portion of long hair is trained upward to proudly rest upon the crown, while the lower portion of opulent tresses courses exquisitely upon the shoulders or torso.

Consider also the maximally straightened sedu form that personifies pop culture brides.

To accentuate a formal bridal look, added hair accessories are almost a must. Hair jewels coordinate with earrings and necklaces to integrate hairdos into total fashion. With visions of bridal hairstyle imagery, behold these fascinating 25 Elegant African American Wedding Hairstyles.

25. Sedu Supreme

2014 ushered in the sedu era. This technique of sculptured, bone straight hair fashion lends itself to precise forms. If youre an avant garde bride who prefers a new look, this is the way to walk down the aisle. At both ceremony and reception, heads will turn to admire your distinct demeanor. For continuity be careful to match your dress to your hairstyle.

24. Thrills and Frills

The joy of impending marriage is revealed here with savory charm. Intricate patterns of tucks and waves grace the head, and sturdily drip along a dreamy face. This bride will enchant admirers as she completes her vows. When her groom lifts her veil he will view a vision of loveliness from crown to gown.

23.Shortly Sublime

Polished micro twists form a fine array in a mini embrace of a well turned head. Agleam with their own satiny finish, crinkled patterns join pearls and crystals in a synchronized dance of mutual admiration. As this bride graces the aisle, exposed facial beauty peers appreciatively at a throng of eager admirers. The elegant simplicity of this hairstyle also moves well into a wardrobe change for the reception.

22. Multiplied Up

Highly stylized, large tucks reciprocally support one and all from summit to nape. Parted in sequential sections, hair is pinned into a loftily folded line. One firm tendril strokes a shoulder, while formalized makeup accommodates the style. With coordinated hair, gown and face, this brides walk will display forward-looking fashion.

21. Flowered Level

This bride, in an expression of clear purity, innocently adorns an assortment of lovely curls fringed by a laurel of jewels and flowers. Pulled away from the face, hair strands unpretentiously find their artistry at the apex of style. Facial form and delicate earrings are unfolded into view, readied for a walk down the aisle. Ethereal lace upon a dainty gown could well complete this look.

20. Ring Around

Micro braids swirl along the profile and play at the neck in a gleefully wheeling splendor. Disks of curves and folds turn creatively to host ornate jewels and feather. Happily anticipating wedded bliss, this bride will present a vintage look in modern braided fashion. Complete this versatile look with an intricately designed gown or a sophisticated composition for that momentous stroll down the aisle.

19. Crowning Beauty

Wearing a crown of thickly swirling twists, this bridal beauty is styled in an entirely high bouquet. Flat sides acquiesce to the summit theme as a background to the main event. Poised perfectly to display ornate, dangling earrings, this updo is true to its nature. Veiled or decorated, a bride in this adornment is primed to impress all in attendance and in view.

18. Luxurious Locks

In elegant dreadlocks an excited bride accessorizes with vintage feathers. Precisely fashioned locks train upon neck and shoulders from a smooth collection of twists and coils. Beautifully anticipating the glory of a wedding-to-be, a lovely vision will wow eagerly awaiting guests. Simply elegant white is the best gown to complement this hair perfection.

17. Banged Beauty

Bangs with an updo bring both height and balance to the face. Here the bridal look is a high curled bun, bordered by a braided ring, from which descend long, full bangs. As with all upswept styles, this hair formation complements ear dangles and other jeweled embellishments, giving them space to shine. A wedding dressed with this adornment will assuredly be a special occasion.


16. Memory Of Meadows

The illusion of spring flourishes upon this flowered head of idyllic curls. An ardent bride is gracefully enriched with natural enhancement and freely coiled splendor. With translucent simplicity as a commendable gown choice, this vision will induce affectionate joy from all onlookers.

15. High Tower

A high display of natural twists and curves cultivates this formal look. Delicate double strands of jeweled elegance border a compactly styled bun. Brushed and precisely gelled, sides and back smoothly integrate into a heightened base. Upon unveiling, facial precision and beauty will emerge in a stance of unique distinction. This bride validly looks forward to her entrance among admiring guests.

14. Demure Descent

Skirting neck and shoulders, waves and furls abound in this downward do. Curls wavily curve along this brides profile allowing a glance at mysterious earring sparkle. Hair jewels glisten within rounded tresses, embellishing and revealing depth of stranded design. Ready for ceremony, our bride invites celebration, with congratulations in order for both her look and the occasion.

13. Star Accolade

Dotted with silver stars, ample curls amass around an appreciative facade. As a partially obscured bun fills out the rear under close ringlets, dense spirals corkscrew along the profile and front. Modified with modern flair, the sweetly vintage pompadour speaks of musing reflection. An essential beauty, this bride will cultivate ceremony with refreshing old world charm.

12. Braids In Waves

Luxurious trundles of generous twists and twirls intertwine up and down with both height and depth. Augmented by crystal earrings, glistening hair jewels highlight a queenly presence. The aisle will enthusiastically receive this regal beauty as she walks towards matrimony. Enthralled guests will laud her with assent and reception in a royally celebrated event.

11. Loose Uplift

Freely floating at the apex of this style, loose waves beautify a look that would charm any bride. Accented with a flowered wreath and floral earrings, at random wisps formulate a fetching style. Notice how this upswept hairstyle emphasizes bone structure. With bridal dress this hair mode would attract appreciative attention.

10. Jeweled Up

Tradition characterizes this high cluster to formally serve the brides bearing and appearance. Bundled in exquisite curls a stranded splendor reigns atop side-swept tresses. Hair embellishments grace the style, coordinating with necklace and earrings to augment full fashion. Culminating at the rear in a brief french roll, the total hair mode exhibits polish and grandeur. A lacy gown with a full train would complete this look in sumptuous form.


9. Beneath the Veil

Long locks gently stream past the shoulders beneath veiled placement. Descending rather than up-trending style brings beguiling drama to transparently concealed presence. Private reflection pervades this screened appearance, a mode entranced guests will surely respect. The significance of seriously contemplated matrimony is the mood of this hairstyle and full expression.

8. Starred Twists

Uniquely crimped twists appealingly incline into an intricately fashioned bun. Tiny crystal balls decorate bun tips and periphery, as contours draw back from the hairline. The immaculate design characterizes a fully poised pose with ribbed texture and faceted depth. This hair concept is all but self-decorating, accepting but not requiring an ornate gown.

7. Pearled Elegance

From a smoothed-out hair and neckline, beautifully gathered strands draw upward and back towards immaculately woven buns. With skillful placement and technique, pearls cast in gold are illustrated upon supremely styled elegance. Through decidedly well-formed contours, this genre of hair design is an updo extraordinaire. Adorned with this style expression, bridal charisma is guaranteed.

6. Long and Luscious

Singer Rihanna graces exceedingly long locks that silkily frame the face and terminate upon the torso. The look can be admiringly worn as an extraordinary wedding hairdo. Long, opulent tresses add complete glamour with magnetic allure. A tall bride could beautifully display these lengths with confidence and self-possession. Charm and attraction are owned by many brides when they walk down the aisle in this long style.

5. Oblique Bun

Lacy decorations amplify an already illustrious and graciously twirled bun. Hair textures proceed into the elaborate assembly that rests at back upon the nape of the neck. Stylized in slightly asymmetrical fashion the swirling cluster dresses the look in chic fashion. Whether ceremony or reception, this hair artistry wears well to continually compliment.

4. Feathered Up

A feathered ornament accents a low bun style that exposes a swan-like neck. Silky strands join highlighted arcs that outline the low spherical balance. Entice groom, wedding party and guests with refined loveliness at ceremony and celebration. Delicately refined fascination is the destined reception for a bride adorned in this appearance.

3. Tiara Falls

Underneath a crowning flowered tiara, flouncy curls tumble upon shoulders and torso. Starred and mother of pearl effects collect in complimenting necklace and earrings. Dark tresses supremely contrast decorative jewels and a white wedding gown. Dress this style up in gown fashion. This frilly hair mood supports fashion to any elaborate extent.

2. Roll Up

A distinct take on the low bun, this expansive horizontal roll sits at the nape as the defining quality of a well-formed hairstyle. Distinguished at folded connection with a partial wreath of flowers, the lowly-placed form defines this textured do. Couple this look with a three quarter length white suit of a vintage twenties-styled gown for a nostalgic period effect in an identically themed ceremony.

1. Northern Lights

Tiny rhinestones and pearls punctuate the curled formation of this upturned bun. Delicate charm defines the genre with a simple beginning to an upswept form. Contrasted against ornately clustered constructs, pearl earrings and jeweled gown appliques accent all aspects in conforming compliment. A graceful walk engendered by this dainty dignity will breathtakingly fill onlookers with inspiring awe. Possibly after the first dance, release the bun into rippling curls.

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