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Her Imports Reviews

Her Imports has a number of reviews all over the internet. The reviews are mixed, with some stating that the brand’s hair pieces are the best they have ever worn, and other customers complaining and reporting that they will be moving to a different brand. By searching through hundreds of reviews, it seems like customers who are buying products from the Her Imports online store are very satisfied; we could not find any complaints about the hair that is purchased from their online store.

Why Everyone Love Her Imports Hair?

Well, There are many different reasons for wearing a weave. Some wear weaves to add more length to their natural hair, while others like to wear weaves simply to add some volume. No matter you use a weave for, the hair pieces are expensive and should be considered as an investment. This is why it is important to buy only the highest quality weave available within your budget; the better quality the weave is, the longer it will last. While some brands are able to provide customers with weaves that will last them as long as two years or even longer, other brands have products that only last a couple of months – sometimes only a few weeks. A shorter lifespan means the customer will have to buy new weaves frequently, which can pose an unexpected and unnecessary expense.

Her Imports is a weave and extensions company that has been around for some time now. The company has headquarters in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Nigeria. Their weaves are worn by over 250,000 customers, and more than 12,000 stylists only use hair pieces from Her Imports on their clients. The company has a total of 34 stores, and their products are available in 10 countries. One problem that some people have when they consider buying from Her Imports is the fact that there are a lot of mixed reviews about the company on the internet. While many customers are, in fact, happy with the hair pieces they have purchased from Her Imports, a lot of customers have also complained about the products they received. We decided to take a look at the different products offered by Her Imports and the reviews customers left in order to determine whether you can trust Her Imports, or if you should rather opt for another brand.

Her Imports Hair Styles

Her Imports specializes in natural virgin hair, and they have quite a large variety of hair products available. The company does not only specialize in hair pieces, but also offers a complete range of haircare products that can be used by customers to care for their weaves. The company claims that their haircare products are able to keep weaves healthy, good-looking and help the customer make their weave last as long as possible.

The company has three primary types of hair available. These include their premium virgin hair range, their illusion wigs and frontals, as well as their discount virgin hair. Each category of hair pieces has a wide variety of textures, styles and colors available that suits each customer’s specific wishes and budget. The brand’s premium virgin hair weaves and extensions are amongst their most popular products. When buying one of these products, you will have a large variety of options you can choose from. You will be able to choose between different hair lengths, ranging from 12-inch pieces, which costs $104.50 per piece, to 40-inch pieces, which costs $203.50 per piece. You can also choose to add a lace or silk closure, hair care products or a silk bonnet and shampoo. The company offers their premium hair sets in a medium and dark brown color.

Her Imports Locations

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Her Imports is a trusted company and their hair sets are worn by thousands of women. With branches at several countries, Her Imports products can be purchased at physical locations, as well as on their online store. They have a wide variety of different styles, textures and colors. They also offer premium-grade hair, as well as a lower-quality budget hair range that offers stylish hair products at a reduced price.

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