Lustful Hair Hair Reviews

Lustful Hair Hair Reviews

Lustful hair is relatively new company, but the founders have been in the human hair industry for over 5 years. They recognized a dramatic increase in fake, processed human hair in the market and set out to search the globe for the best natural, unprocessed human hair in its purest form. Human hair that is free from synthetic fibers and harsh chemicals like bleach, coloring dyes, and perms.

The end result, Lustful hair has produced a custom made product. They buy the best pure, raw, natural, unprocessed human hair from around the globe. Human hair that is healthy, strong, resilient and free from synthetic fibers and harsh chemicals. They blend each raw bundle of hair by hand and machine weft the hair in house. Their wefts are the best in the industry, which are a thin, tight weft that is triple reinforced to ensure longevity and a shed free weft.

In addition to producing a high quality product, their goal is to provide excellent customer service. Their staff will go the extra mile to make sure each customer has an enjoyable and friendly experience, leaving their customers no desire to go anywhere else.

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