New Ways to Enhance the Pompadour Look

New Ways to Enhance the Pompadour Look

The above long black pompadour up-do worn by Ciara is an ideal look for a “red-carpet” event or a special occasion. What’s more the look is ideal for anyone with an oval, round or triangular face shape. Before we review the ideal glam hair style, we need to focus on conditioning the hair so it looks its best. Products are designed to enhance the health of African American hair and vitamins are also recommended for growth. It is also important to maintain a healthy hair care regimen if you want to look your best throughout the year.

A Healthy Hair Care Regimen: Follow the Tips Below for Healthier Looking and Beautiful Hair

Whether you wear your hair natural or relaxed, follow the regimen below so you hair will always shine and look beautiful.

  • Wash your hair once a day every three days. Because water is really the true moisturizer, make sure you follow this routine religiously. Try not to go over a week without at least including a conditioning rinse.
  • You also want to deep condition your hair on a regular basis. Use a thick cream-based conditioner along with a plastic cap and hooded dryer. Using these essential tools will make for a beautiful transformation. Soon, you will realize that these three items are you hair’s best friends, especially when you see how great your hair looks.
  • Use a protein conditioner monthly. Because strong hair is equated with healthy hair, infusing protein is an absolute must, no matter the current condition of your hair. A balance of protein and moisture will keep your hair from becoming dry and brittle. Use the following ratio for moisturization and protein – use 4 moisturizing treatments to every protein treatment to equalize the effect.
  • Don’t forget to take care of your scalp. That means you should schedule hot oil treatments bi-monthly or monthly to ensure that your scalp is nourished. A good oil to use is organic castor oil as it stimulates the growth of the hair. Also, include a couple drops of tea tree oil to reduce any flaking.
  • You also want to make sure to moisturize your ends each day. Sealing the ends keeps them well-maintained and from splitting. If you want to grow you hair or accumulate length, this is the way to proceed.
  • Keep your hair well-protected by wearing protective type styles frequently. Doing so keeps the hair shielded from the drying air.
  • Always trim your hair when it is needed. Having an established trimming schedule is not required. Just clip your ends when needed and leave them alone when they don’t need to be cut.

Now that you have the read the aforementioned tips for keeping your hair looking great, you can proceed with creating a glamorous hairstyle. The suggested pompadour style is one that you will definitely want to try.

The Long Hair Pompadour Style

One of the romantic and sexy styles for longer or shorter black hair is the pompadour style. Although the style is often seen on short hair, it can also work for longer hair as well. If you don’t have long hair, you can always add some hair extensions if you wish to create a long-hair pompadour. Here is how you recreate the look:

What You Will Need for the Pompadour Look

First, you will need, shampoo, setting lotion, a rat tail comb, towel, dryer, holding spray, gel, bobby pins and pomade.

Step One: Shampoo the Hair

In order to achieve the look, you want to begin by shampooing your hair. Shampooing is helpful in detangling the hair. Comb through the lather when you are shampooing in order to make the pompadour straight as possible. Hair is more manageable when it is wet, especially textured hair, as water supplies suppleness and smoothness.

Step Two: Apply Setting Lotion

After you have shampooed your hair, you want to apply a liberal amount of setting lotion to your locks. This will cause the hair to bond while it is drying. It will also help hold the shape of the hair style. Lightly towel-dry the ends to remove any excess lotion.

Step Three: Mold the Hairstyle

Next, mold the hair by first combing the hair straight back. Make sure that hair above the shoulders is molded as close to the scalp as possible, especially the hair around the ear. Use gel to aid you in slicking down the edges.

Step Four: Dry the Hair

Depending on your hair’s length, you will need to sit beneath a hooded dryer for about 90 minutes to two hours. Make sure that each section of the hair is entirely dry as it will need the time to form a firm hold. Also, avoid touching the hair until you are sure it has dried completely.

Step Five: Tease and Spray the Style

Next, tease and spray the hair style. Take a dry comb and comb a large portion of hair toward the front, making sure that the section is proportioned evenly. Tease the back part of the sectioned hair to volumize the hair style. Once the desire height has been achieved, spray the hair with a holding spray.

Step Six: Add the Pomade

Finally, add extra hold and shine with a pomade. Just make sure you are not too liberal when using the product as it could weigh the hair down, causing it to go flat – not something you want to happen on a special date. You may also elect to add some more holding spray for extra hold.


(While the pompadour hairstyle was popularized in the 50s, modern hairstylists have updated this poufy look in one of various ways. This short style, worn by Rihanna, adds some interest with a swirl on the top.)

The pompadour style can be worn for just about any special holiday or occasion. Whether you hair is longer or shorter, you can wear this style if the hair is grown out or if you include some extensions for hair that is normally short.

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