Queen Virgin Remy Reviews


Queen Virgin Remy Reviews

Quality is probably the primary concern people consider when they buy hair extensions. Buying a high-quality weave means you will be able to use the same weave for at least one or two years,while a low-quality weave often starts to become brittle and lose its “natural” look within the first few months. Queen Virgin Remy Hair is a supplier of virgin human hair that has become quite popular. The company does not only manufacture virgin hair, but it also specializes in processed, non-virgin hair. Queen Virgin Remy claims that their hair does not contain any synthetic, mix or filling agents and they guarantee that all of their products are top-quality.

Even though the company makes many claims, it seems like many people have noticed that the hair pieces manufactured by Queen Virgin Remy are not of high-quality and that , in many cases, they are not even from the origin claimed by the seller. There are also speculations that Queen Virgin Remy is one of the many hair extension manufacturers that source their hair from China – and everyone knows that the hair processed and manufactured in China is mostly made from scrap hair. Let’s consider the types of products this company offers and the current user reviews that are available on the internet.

Queen Virgin Remy Categories

Queen Virgin Remy specializes in numerous product types. Their main products are Indian Remy hair, Virgin hair and Closures. The company also offers a series of hair care products that can be used on weaves and extensions. The company stocks a range of apparel as well. It does not, however, seem like the company has a wide variety of products available in each category.

The brand only has two types of Indian Remy hair products available. Both of these are straight hair extensions. A 14-inch hair set and an 18-inch hair, with prices ranging from $24 to $37. When it comes to the company’s Virgin hair category, they have a lot of different options available. The company has the following styles and textures to choose from:

  • Brazilian hair
  • Malaysian hair
  • Peruvian hair
  • Eurasian hair
  • Cambodian hair
  • Mongolian hair
  • Russian blonde hair
  • Russian black hair

The company offers a lot of different looks for each of the hair types they manufacture. Looks include straight, curly and wavy styles.

Customer Reviews

A lot of people have bought hair extensions from Queen Virgin Remy. While many of these people report that they are happy with the results, the individuals with more experience in the hair industry have noticed that the quality of hair pieces manufactured by Queen Virgin Remy is not as good as some of the other brands out there. Then again, you get what you pay for – Queen Virgin Remy has some of the cheapest weaves and hair extensions currently available on the market.

The company has a 1.5 (out of 5.0) average rating on their Yelp profile. Most customers find that their products are not worth the price – even at the low prices charged. There are many reviews that are accompanied with photos of hair falling out, tangling and becoming brittle. A lot of customers also complain that the hair pieces have split ends.

Virgin Review also reports that there is a lot of speculation that the company may be sourcing their hair from China, and that the hair that is used to manufacture their hair pieces is made from scraps that are sourced from India and then processed in Chinese factories. These hair scraps are often chemically processed, and often also treated with silicon. All of the processing makes the hair less natural and also causes its quality to decrease significantly.

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