Top 3 Aliexpress Hair Vendors 2017

Top 3 Aliexpress Hair Vendors 2017

DO not want to break the bank for buying high quality virgin hair & bundles? AliExpress should be you No.1 choice!

I started wearing weave (for my readers unfamiliar with this – it is essentially hair extensions sewn into your own cornrowed hair) when I was around 18/19. I had had relaxed hair for a number of years and had box braids occasionally. Consequently, the world of virgin hair and weave was completely new to me. This led to my first weave experience setting me back £300+, having walked into a Finsbury Park salon and buying the hair then and there.

After more research and experience, I have come to realise you don’t need to spend £££ on having great quality hair – thanks to Aliexpress. Understandably, many weave and wig-wearers are apprehensive about ordering from a big wholesaler based on the other side of the world. So to make the process slightly easier, here are my top 3 hair vendors:



AliModa( has long been my number 1 hair vendor. I have ordered their Peruvian bodywave on a number of occasions and am always impressed by the quality and longevity of the hair. I’ve never had issues with tangling or shedding from AliModa and delivery is always incredibly quick (3-4 days). Fantastic value too! As an example, 4 bundles at 2 x 14″ and 2 x 16″ cost me $123, which is around £98.


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I usually keep my weaves in for 8 weeks. With AliModa hair, I am able to repeat this cycle up to 3 times.


My current favourite vendor and one I’ll be purchasing my next set of bundles from is Alipop( I first decided to order hair from this seller after watching Jazz Nicole’s rave review on YouTube and seeing how lush the hair looked even after intense bleaching and dyeing (she has sadly deleted the video but here’s a link to her channel). The hair lived up to its reputation and after 2 months it is still in fantastic condition, even after bleaching the hair. It also curls brilliantly and takes well to heat. I ordered a closure and 3 x 20″ bundles of Brazilian bodywave for the equivalent of around £82.

My only qualm is the quality of the closure. Whilst the hair is equally as soft and silky as the bundles, I’ve noticed it has shed and thinned a lot. I usually have leave-outs so I’m not sure how common this problem is but it’s something I’ll be contacting the vendor about.

oliviazao-aliexpress-hair-review-5 oliviazao-aliexpress-hair-review-6

Modern Show Hair

I bought my first curly/deep wave hair from Modern Show Hair( after watching lots of great reviews on YouTube. I received so many compliments on this hair! The curl pattern was gorgeous and it was extremely soft, especially after washing. The volume wasn’t as much as I had hoped for though. In hindsight, I would have got 4 bundles instead of 3.

oliviazao-aliexpress-hair-review-7 oliviazao-aliexpress-hair-review-8 oliviazao-aliexpress-hair-review-9 oliviazao-aliexpress-hair-review-10

Though not a critique of the hair itself, I probably won’t wear curly hair again just because of the effort required. I had to brush out and wet/spray the hair every morning instead of just a quick brush and go. It added a lot of time to my morning routine. As a wig, I’d imagine deep wave hair is more manageable as you’re not sleeping on it etc.


There are tonnes more fantastic vendors on Aliexpress but picking them out from the 1000s of sellers can be tricky. My tried and tested tips for finding the right hair store:

  • Always look for reviews on YouTube. I will watch several review videos on YouTube before trying a new vendor. Try to look for unsponsored videos too, for the most unbiased opinions.
  • Pay attention to the number of orders. I am particularly cautious if a set of bundles has order numbers in the single digits.
  • Buy unprocessed hair. Pre-ombred/bleached etc hair can be risky. Try to purchase hair that is as close to its natural state as possible.
  • Look for reviews with pictures. There are great Aliexpress customers who post pictures with their reviews (Godsends!) This can help you to get a better idea of what the hair actually looks like.
  • Don’t go too cheap. The prices on Aliexpress can sometimes be too good to be true. Anything less than £60 for a standard set of 3 bundles is unlikely to be good quality.

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